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Space Invader - Space Shooter

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Do you like space shooter, and the game of space marshals is already bored? Then shooter Space Invader for you! It’s real space battle - aliens against people.

Galactic war, survival in space, aliens and space weapons - all this is waiting for you in the 2d shooter for the survival of Space Invader. And do not be sure that you will be rescued by space marshals - you will have an epic cosmic survival alone. Only you, aliens, spaceships and weapons.

In a huge space, you are in for a lot of dangerous adventures, but there is no road back!

Merciless cosmic battle with aliens, robots and other extraterrestrial beings.

With each level to destroy the army of aliens will become more difficult.

To defeat them, you need to use space weapons to the fullest! It is also necessary to collect important for survival in space objects.

Qualitative graphics will make space battle very interesting, and exciting sounds will make stellar wars unrealistically steep and spectacular.

Don’t wait, install Space Invader space shooter and start capturing space right now.

Rabbit Runner - run simulator

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Like simulators where you need to run and collect coins or run from zombies? The new “Rabbit Runner” (running game) is waiting for you!

If you think that it’s a typical running game where the rabbit collects carrots and you just need to run, you're wrong! You have to escape from dangerous predators while overcoming obstacles and traps.

Simulator "Rabbit Runner" is designed in the best traditions of 2D running games. All that fans of the arcades need.

Dive into the world of the best 2D game of year! This runner will make you feel like a real rabbit. Start run and collect coins, but do not fall into the clutches of bloodthirsty monsters and creatures.With each level, it will be more difficult to escape from predators as on your way there will be more and more obstacles. Run and jump, but do not fall into the sharp claws of night predators.

Addictive arcade, designed in the style of a 2D running game.